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Chainsaw Chains

Chainsaw chains made easy...

We offer different types of chainsaw chain, each available in a number of different lengths to fit most chainsaws from ALL manufacturers.

Follow the EASY STEPS to identify the correct replacement chain required, or select your chainsaw from the dropdown boxes in our advanced search page.

Step 1. Collect the required information from your chainsaw, and old chain:

  • Bar length.

    Check the length of the bar. Many models are available with different size bars from the factory, and therefore require a different size chain

  • No of teeth

    Count the drive teeth on the INSIDE OF your old chain
    (the teeth on the INSIDE of the chain).

  • Gauge Size

    Check the gauge (the width of the groove in the bar)

  • Pitch Size

    Check the pitch (this is length P DIVIDED by 2)

Step 2. Select the category according to your required pitch & gauge from the categories below.

Step 3. Select the chain according to the required number of teeth (drive links) from the products shown in that category.

Step 4. Check that your saw is listed in the description that that chain is suitable for your saw.